About us:

‘Babushka’s tales’ theatre was dreamed up by two Russian friends, Lidia and Natalia. Lidia grew up in St.Petersburg often called the cultural heart of Russia. The professional puppet theatres were on every corner.  Magical, almost alive puppets, unique props and backdrops, a visit to a puppet theater was always a bright memory, a journey to another world.  ‘Babushka’s Tales’ was born in 2015.

It is an intimate theatre created especially for smaller audiences (up to 50 – 60 people). A puppet screen constructed especially for ‘Babushka’s Tales’ and painted by a Melbourne artist in Russian folklore style announces the magic to the audience even before the performance begins. We transform your space into a theater and transport the children into another world.

About the puppets:

We are lucky enough to have found a talented, award winning puppet maker in St.Petersburg to create our artists for us. Natalia Burnos works for various Russian and overseas theatres. Her puppets are unique, full or character and designed after a consultation with the show producers. Once the doll is finished, the face mould is destroyed, so each puppet is truly special, one of a kind.